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French Green Clay Mask


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You may already know that most clay masks are detoxifying by helping to draw impurities out of the skin. French Green Clay is no different and has been used for years as a detoxifying beauty treatment in many cultures.

How does this happen? Molecules in French Green Clay have a charge, specifically a negative charge. Since most of the impurities on your face are positively charged, the clay and the toxins attach to each other. The clay acts like a magnet. When you remove the mask you wash the impurities down the drain as well leaving behind fresher, cleaner skin.

One of the best benefits of French Green Clay is its high absorbency. During this process you are also going to wash away some dead skin cells as well that have taken up residence on your face.
With GREEN TEA and SEAWEED COLLAGEN extracts, both high in antioxidants can help prevent free radical damage to the skin and protect against skin aging. It infuses the skin with a “diet” of minerals and vitamins, which eliminate impurities and toxins and leave the skin soft and hydrated.

This makes green clay masks highly recommended for oily, clogged or acne prone skin but it’s mild enough for any skin type as a part of your ritual clarifying treatments.

This clay is best when mixed with mineral-rich filtered water, jojoba cream cleanser or rose water. When mixing, use wooden spatulas and glass or ceramic bowls are as opposed to metallic implements that can lessen the efficacy of the green clay due to ionic exchange disruption.

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