Luxy Bath & Co
“Handcrafted with love”Hui Ling/Founder

It is always perfectly natural to worry about what you are putting into and onto your body and how commercial skin care products can bring some kind of negative reaction to our body in long-term causing health problems and stripping our skin natural oils causing our skin to have frequent acne breakout, rashes, itchiness, and dry skin.

Our family has been struggling to find the most natural skin care and bath products for our sensitive skin. Care and attention are even much needed when I have my first pregnancy due to my overly itchy skin. Since then finding for the most natural & organic skin care is one of our biggest struggles.

Out of those discouragements, we came to a drive & passion to create our own clean, natural plant-based bath products and spent years studying, developing and testing them in our own home. Ever since it does wonder on our skin and became the solution we had been looking for all those years.

I have since created Luxy Bath & Co. as a natural solution for all mothers who are always concern for their family and children’s’ health. Handcrafted by a mom with love for the purposes of nasties-free lifesytle for her family.