Bathing your child is an important routine and experience. We, parents always want the best for our little ones. By all means, protecting and always be aware of what they are using on their skin.

We believe that kids and chemicals shouldn’t mix.

BABY SKIN by LuxyBath&Co is built on the idea that products for babies and children should be natural and use organic ingredients to ensure that their delicate skin is free from any nasties.

The skin can breathe and is our biggest organ and much like you’d not feed your child loads of junk food we believe products should be natural and organic wherever possible.
When it comes to our mission to create the gentlest baby products available, we know our work is never done.

The constant learning about every baby specific needs and 10months of research and test and now finally we are very proud to introduce our 2 in 1 head to toe shampoo and body wash, multipurpose healing balm from diaper rash to itchy dry skin, and 100% plant based oils Therapeutic Body Massage Oil for your little ones.

Well, aside from boundless amounts of love and goodness, it is all there on our ingredient panel. Made with only organic cold-pressed plant based oils, and no nasties.

Does not include Colourants, Alcohol, Parabens and Fragrance.

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