🌟Our Kids essential oil blend kit was made especially for on-the-go moms to help keep their children strong and healthy.
Safe for children ages 2 and above, each essential oil 10ml bottle contains 100% therapeutic grade of essential oils specifically blended to help children build immunity, stay focused, deepen breathing, and soothe an achy tummy.
Simply add one or multiple of the 10ml ready-to-apply roll-on bottles to a backpack for use all day long by children ages 2 or above.

【How to Use Essential Oil Blends: Application Strategies 】
Many apply essential oil blends to areas of high blood flow like the wrists, bends of the elbows, chest and the back of the neck. You may even run it on the feet!
We suggest applying to these areas and any specific areas of concern 3-4 times per day. This is a good starting point. We recommend listening to what your body tells you – some may need more applications and some might do well with less.

In this kit, you may also find it helpful to apply each blend to particular areas:

✅Kids Immune Bomb:
Also try applying along the collar bone, below the arm pit, and on the lower abdomen.

✅Kids Sound Asleep:
Also try applying to the top of the feet, sides of the neck, behind the ears and on the ears, and the back of the head.

✅Kids Sniffle and Sneezes:
Also try applying behind the ears and on the front of the neck along the throat.