Why is it so important to invest in a good body scrub?

It gives some beautiful advantages to our body.

It is a great scrub that removes dead skin very fast and makes our skin softer and healthier.
It helps in reducing the cellulite, clean the pores of a body and leave the body glowing.
Made with only the best natural cold-pressed fruits and coconut organic oils infused with 100% pure essential oils it give our body the extra added advantages.

Our Flavours


The lemon and rosemary is a classic combination that works wonders on your skin and smells fantastic. The bright lemon essential oil helps brighten your skin and the rosemary essential oil helps energize your skin!


The peppermint essential oil leaves your legs feeling cool and a bit tingly after your bath. While, lavender helps calm our nerves . At the end of a long, cold day, this is the perfect way to pamper and relax before crawling into bed!


It’s a happy thing to say goodbye to dead skin. This whipped lemon orange scrub puts all the moisture back into your skin and receives it from the lush oils. Suitable for pregnant women


I feel like most people will thoroughly enjoy this body scrub. The calming lavender and rose salt scrub will bring balance back into your life where you might be feeling really overwhelmed. Add this salt scrub to your next hot bath to feel calmer, less stressed and will be able to sleep better at night!


Rosemary lavender scrub is cooling and energizing. It also good for ailing joints and promotes good blood circulation.


Perfect to be used as Bath Salts for detoxifying and cleansing purpose. Speeds up healing of wounds. Charcoal helps with Skin Lightening and Brightening.

What Our Customer Says

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